The 2015 Acura NSX Prototype burned at Nurburgring circuit!!


Pic courtesy roadandtrack

Bikesandcars- We all knew that currently Honda is going to launch its Acura NSX in 2015. NSX was one of Honda’s best sport car ever made in the 90’s era, with the main goal was to challenge  the Ferrari 328, but then revised to 348 at the final NSX production, with more reasonable price but same powerfull engine and handling. NSX stands for New Sportscar eXperimental, and just like its name, there was a lot of innovation at the 90’s era.

The NSX was the first production car to feature an all- aluminium monocoque body, incorporating a revolutionary extruded aluminium alloy frame, and suspension. The
use of aluminium in the body alone saved nearly 200 kg in weight over the steel equivalent while the aluminium suspension saved an additional 20 kg.


Pic courtesy roadandtrack

That’s the short history of the NSX, but it lookslike that the new prototype of NSX was having some trouble, a big one I guess, because at Nurburgring circuit, where it was tested, the NSX prototype was crashed and burned out!! Amazingly, both test drivers were reportedly saved with minimal injuries!! I didn’t know yet, how was the accident happened. But if we saw the burned area, it seems the car was burned started from the rear area, where th engine placed. Was it the engine failure, or electronically failure, I didn’t have the clue yet. If you have any information related to this accident, please let me know, because I’m so curious about what really happened.

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