2014 Top 5 sales cars in the world by Carmudi

2014 already past and the 2015 is waiting in the horizon. In Automotive industry, its means new era and new battle field to gain their goals and targets with new upcoming models. And the question is, who wins the 2014 battle field?? With all those 72 million new cars, SUV’s and truck’s sold globally in the 2014, there are 5 top selling worldwide according to Carmudi. There are three categories that resulted the list: price, quality and sales amount, and the winner is…..

Top 5 selling cars according to Carmudi:

1. Toyota Corolla  sold  over 587.491 units

Once again, Toyota has a great success putting their most top selling model, Corolla, in the top list. Sold more than 40 million unit since the first time entering the market, thanks to its fuel-saving image and make sense price. The 2014 Corolla is the 12 generation since the 1st generation introduced over half centuries ago. MSRP starts from $ 16.900

2. Ford Focus sold over 531,557 units

2014 Focus

With Focus, Ford successfully implemented their slogan “Your Friend at the pump and Your Love on the Road” by acomodizing bigger space for the family inside the car, and also a better fuel consumption. Focus also known for its outstanding driving experience with a premium features, which made it 2nd place in the list

 3. Volkswagen Golf sold over 524,127 units

VW Golf was a phenomena back in the 70’s, with an innovative water cooled engine. In 2014, it still gain high place on the hatchback lists. With its compact and efficient size, awesome interior, and high tech engine, it still fun and comfortable to drive with a brilliant suspensions and sharp handling. At 2015, there will be a new Golf model, with sound proof cabin and better than its successors.

4. Ford FSeries  sold over 513,127 units
ford f series

Ford F-Series known for its strong, efficient and iconic image and still becaming the favourites in the truck enthusiast. For the 2015, Ford tried to up rise their bid by using military-grade aluminium and an improved rear suspension, two things you should wait for.

5. Hyundai Elantra terjual lebih dari 406,995 mobil


Elantra is one of Hyundai’s best line-up these days. With slimmer design and better plastic interior, Elantra is becoming a fifth in Carmudi’s Top 5 selling cars list. Introduced to public 24 years ago, Elantra still maintain one of its poins, reasonable price!!

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