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All New Toyota Kijang Innova 2016, one step before Alphard….

All New Toyota Kijang Innova 2016 video, its all new eksterior and interior are leaping high Toyota’s legendary line-up, Kijang, into a premium class passenger vehicle, below its legendary premium passenger model, Alphard. Just take a look at this video Baca lebih lanjut

Datsun reborn: All for one, one for all!!


Readers, Datsun, the subsidiary brand of Nissan,  already unveiled their new low segment cars, the Go series. And for the Go series, Nissan seems using the slogan of The three musketeers, All for one (goal) and one (platform) for all!!. Because Datsun have three different variants for one purpose: Baca lebih lanjut

BikesandCars, an Automotive blog, not only bikes….


Readers, this is my first post on my new blog BikesandCars, a subsidiary of motorrio, my existing blog which mostly posts about motorcycle, and this blog will not only posts about bikes, but it will be mostly about automotive, including cars news, and will be write mostly in English, but in some it will be in Bahasa.
I wish that this blog can give update news about automotive in Indonesia, so  your comments and suggestions are welcome, for the improvement of BikesandCars in the future.